5 Units to educate 100,000 people in Uganda.

A while  ago I discovered my calling which is about educating or teaching others. Fulfilling my why is not a comfortable zone and I must discover how.

I already set my dream affirmation for what I think is a brilliant goal. First of all, it’s not the only goal I have in regards to improving technology skills and employment opportunities in Uganda. However by analyzing several ideas, I believe it’s the sustainable one than the others. My goal is to teach over 100,000 in Uganda, in 3 years about technology and fallback to monitor progress and impact.

The number looks big especially reflecting to my personal financial ability and the availability of resources.

Courageously, an organisation in Tanzania (http://poweringpotential.org) is using almost 90% of the technology we shall use for our Mobile Digital Hub.

What happens is that we shall use single board computers (Raspberry Pi), connected to a LED Monitor together with a USB Mouse and Keyboard. We shall install a favourable but light linux distro, open office, google chrome and firefox browsers and notepad++ open source software to cut costs. Additionally the project will run on green solar energy, and the trainers will be volunteers. We take this approach so that we can reach as many communities where people can not afford a computer as well as are not in position to pay study fees for computer lessons.

I kindly request for your advise/help in all ways to realize this dream and have people empowered.

Thank you


5 thoughts on “5 Units to educate 100,000 people in Uganda.

  1. The Pis seem to be great computers. You can run Pixel OS which comes with the PIs installed. It’s super awesome Linux distro.
    You probably want to start with a proof of concept and demonstrate whether or not or how this is possible. A single school, country, distribute would do. Learn from the deployment and rebuilt for the next stage. Lean-startup model would work best.


    1. Actually for the early stages the PIs turn out to be expensive. Look at not less $100 per unit on top of display, keyboards and mouse. Fortunately the roll out/pilot is about to begin with the acquisition of two used laptops. Both were bought at less $240 in total.
      Now it’s about the OS and software to be installed, decision not yet made between Open source and closed source.


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