What would you do in my situation? 

I set out to blog at least once a month to fulfill the obligation as an ironblogger but recently it’s been hectic to fulfill the obligation.

In the recent 2 months my company Gagawala Graphics ltd, which offers services in Website design, Website hosting, Graphics design and printing to the market in Uganda, received a number of orders quite more than before. The orders included social media management by one of the top 10 private financial institutions in the countrt, 5 websites and for the first time a mobile app.

Being the leader of the website development, I had to choose between investing more time and serve the clients or spare time for blogging. What would do you do, if you were in my position?

I decided to put all my time in designing these websites,  reporting to our clients and I would blog whenever I had some energy and free time. Extra Time &  energy, would be hard to have though. In the end, I couldn’t blog.

Achievements made

1. I developed a reusable WordPress theme,  which can be used on any website and customized without any coding. The theme allows you to position the header, navbar, hero, top bar wherever you want. You choose background colors for many sections, you set font families, font sizes, font colors, and is loaded with many widget areas for flexibility. I to provide the theme to the public domain after code optimization in January for free of charge. I also believe this is the last theme, I may have developed using bootstrap 3, since I want to adapt to bootstrap 4.

2. I developed a WordPress widget plugin which can fetch any posts from any post type and category. You choose in settings to display post thumbs or not,  the number of posts, set the number of columns in which the posts should be arranged, set number of words for title and excerpt. They are quite many options that make this widget quite powerful and of benefit to almost every WordPress powered website.

3. Successfully developed 2 mini web applications on WordPress. I call them mini because they don’t features for managing front end users. But they allow someone to register for a loan online and visa card online. I’m super excited of launching Next Week. 

Lessons learned

My biggest lesson, is that WordPress robust as a CMS as well as a web application development framework.


3 thoughts on “What would you do in my situation? 

  1. I would go on with your work and post once a week your experiences in a small blog post. It makes you think clearer about your work in the last week and probably you are more structured in the upcoming week.
    And it’s also very interesting for your readers to here about your work and beyond!


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