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How to uplift a rural child in Uganda. — September 25, 2016

How to uplift a rural child in Uganda.

In Uganda, approximately 70 % of young people living in the urban areas don’t have access to computers. Worst of the matter is that you may find 40% of them have also never seen or practically used a computer for once in a lifetime.

They are possibly like me at 14 years of age, I had never seen one though I heard about it, I used to think it referred to a walking robot, such as the one I watched in movies. However, that happened to me a decade and 2 years ago. Shocking isn’t it? I wouldn’t expect someone today to find it hard to access a computer or be able to use one!

However, similarly to other countries in Africa; the largest part of Uganda is a rural area. Rural areas are negatively affected by having poor education, poor health care, ignorance and many disadvantages you could imagine of including poverty. 

Some of the biggest reasons why youths and adults don’t have access to computers is ignorance & poverty, in my own opinion.

Other factors could be lack of connectivity to national grid hindering the access to electricity which could be used to power the computer devices. And even if the connectivity was in existence in the rural and urban areas of Uganda, many families struggle to put food on the table, which means they couldn’t afford spending on computers.

In many countries children use computers to create things like robotics, play games, have fun with friends and this keeps them curious, creative and productive. It also helps them not to get involved in drug abuse, sex abuse and many other bad habits.

The same or better, is what I also want to happen in Uganda. At least by 2030, it should be very easy for someone to access and effectively use a computer. Employment opportunities among the youths to have improved due to skills acquired through using computers.

How is this possible.

We can start by building less power consumption, portable and affordable computers. 

With only $100, it’s possible to build a portable DC powered computer for a youth. Two or more youths can even use one in intervals so that everyone gets to learn how to use a computer and leverage the opportunities that come with it.

Since Uganda’s population is largely young people, actually 78% all being below the age of 35 years; according to wikipedia and the Uganda’s recent census in 2015. This is not a one man’s task.

What shall we do together?

We shall build portable, DC powered functional computer kits, installed with open source software.

Though we shall be able to build sellable computer units, our major aim is to uplift rural communities for free. And we hope to approach impact & climate change funders, to invest the initial capital to support us to build the first 50 pilot units.

Our pilot phase, will involve introducing community labs comprising of 3 to 5 units per lab per community. This means, in a day of 8 hours, one lab will be able to give access to 24 up to 40 youths at a rate of 1 individual per computer per hour.

The computer kits!

Each computer set will be a composition of a Raspberry PI, Memory Card, LCD monitor, USB keyboard, USB mouse and other necessary cables. Each full unit could cost between $120 to $145. Approximately UGX 407,249/= to UGX 492,093/= according to Google currency converter as of today 09/Oct/2016.

Initial training

In the first week, after setting up the lab, we shall conduct free workshops, to train youths and citizens of that particular community, on how to use these computers, troubleshoot them and in partnership with other social enterprises, we will educate them in personal development and leadership.

Our aim for these workshops, is to build/develop a self-sustaining project in which the citizens of the community have a bigger commitment and responsibility.

Good News: Equity bank and PayPal announcement to improve investment. — September 16, 2016

Good News: Equity bank and PayPal announcement to improve investment.

In a bid to improve their service for Kenya citizens PayPal and Equity Bank Kenya have just announced improvements in their service.

PayPal is an online (internet based) payment service originating from United States of America. PayPal helps individuals and business/organisations to send or receive payments across different countries of the world.

However not all PayPal features are available in to the citizens of every country. For example, the citizens of Kenya’s neighbor to the West “Uganda”, is able to use PayPal features such pay for goods and send payments but is not able receive payments and pay for goods.

This has been different for citizens in Kenya, especially for the Equity Bank customers and US bank account holders. Even though of recent funds withdrawn from PayPal wallet to Equity bank Kenya had to take 8 days ( more than a week) to be deposited on the bank account.

This announcement made by both financial giants confirm the reduction of this delay by 5 days, to bring the delay down to a maximum of 3 days.

This is means more cash flow for the I.T population which largely earns from online money making like blogging, working on upwork and other freelance platforms.

This moves is also a step forward towards increasing the chances of investment by the locals who earn online.

For instance, in 30 days, a earner of 100 USD online in a period of 10 days, will have access to 300 USD in cash feasible to be invested.




CMS Africa Summit here again and this time in Abuja. — September 12, 2016

CMS Africa Summit here again and this time in Abuja.

It’s happening for the forth time in Africa, it’s a summit to learn and share a lot of information especially about web technologies, content management systems in particular.

Catch up the recap of the recent CMS Africa Summit 2016 in Kampala at Gems Cambridge International school below.

When you go to this event  you could become an influencer in your niche. You could as well improve the market for your products and services. You could also discover new ideas and ways of executing them. My biggest take away was networking with many new people who love what you love.

Similarly if you attended as a participant there is a lot more to learn, competitions to participate in and win.

In 2017, CMS Africa Summit will happen on 10th and 11th March, 2017 in Abuja at FUNTAJ INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

What’s amazing are the friendly prices of the attendance tickets. Imagine a full day ticket goes for 3000 NGN while a 2 day ticket is at 5000 NGN. Every ticket you get qualifies you to Entrance, Coffee Break, Certificate, and Workshop. What a cheap way to learn, educate, and network.

This year’s theme is empowering technology through opensource. I encourage you to come as individual, or team or group of friends,  you won’t be disappointed.

Membership types are attend, speaker and sponsor. Click here to buy a ticket and learn more about the event.

Why the way you treat money determines your financial freedom? — September 4, 2016

Why the way you treat money determines your financial freedom?

I have had a chat with someone who has seen me struggling to clear debts and going after my goals. In our conversation, he asked. David you’re an entrepreneur, ain’t you?
Me: Yes, I am.
Him: How comes you don’t live a life of a smart entrepreneur?
Me: Why are you saying so?
Him: David whenever you receive an income, you have a debt to clear. Why is it that way?
Of course, I had answers like, I don’t have a stable income because my businesses are not profitable at the moment. Also a lot of people owe me money that in total the amount would buy me a good brand new car or a plot of land or even better make me a great investment in one of my businesses.
That’s it David. I see a lot of that among aspiring entrepreneurs and it’s one of the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t.
Money is money, it’s a necessity everywhere in the world. The only difference is how it’s treated.
What if you lay down a strategy for your income. For example break it into percentages, so that whenever you receive it. You save part of it and part to spend on paying debts. That means you don’t all of it paying debt at once but you remain with some. Of course the savings you also be done with a goal in mind.
You’re just not saving just for it. You are saving for the money to help you live fully. Otherwise like most unsuccessful people in this world, they become slaves of money. Because they’re live expenditure, they borrow, they work then they pay debt, and the cycle goes on.
They will blame the poor economy and systems as the cause for their failure. On top of underestimating their potential and responsibility in playing a role to make everything around better. By forgetting that at some point, you will grow old and be the one to blame or thank. You become a prisoner of poverty. Success is a journey, so live by traveling it.
Me: I’m listening and learning.
Him: Have you ever worked for low pay because you badly need money?
Me: Yes of course, because sometimes I need pay my bills and if I don’t settle for this less I won’t be in the position to take care of my bills.
Him: And I tell you that is what is called not to live fully. Producing quality comes at a good pay. Of course people negotiate, and pay slightly less your quotation which is totally different from accepting a low pay because of the need to work on bills. By the way, would you work on this particular client, if you were sure you have a saving that can take of everything as you hang for someone who is able to pay you what you want? Of course not.