Uganda has more than 100 districts occupied by 35 million people, Kampala being the capital city hence the district of preference for everyone. The capital is a home for 1.5 million people. This district is attractive to many due to better education, health, transport, communication etc services than other districts. It also  has modern towns such as Kabalagala, Nsambya, Kansanga and Makindye in contrast to those of other districts.

The factors about Kampala, are the major migration attraction for young people from many under developed districts to this area.

Though it’s the best place for anyone in Uganda, it’s not the same for the opportunities it avails. For example, many young people from other districts end up sleeping on streets because Kampala doesn’t welcome none skilled individuals. Without skill, one has to have relatives in this area to accommodate, for sometime as he/she learns something to do.

As of today, over 1000 young men and women are living and sleeping at the streets, they become beggars, crooks or robbers. The only optional available if they are to stay alive living in Kampala. It’s easier to say, than to see or experience. Life at the streets has never been a preference, it never becomes good, it just deteriorates from being someone to becoming useless, hopeless, forgotten and all alone.

I believe something can be done.

Many people say we can’t change lives because of the government system, which accommodates corrupt, unaccountable, certified but not qualified and lack of passion officials. In addition everyone who takes care of his life and family, has nothing more to give; when you work and earn, all you get is what can keeps you living today. Without being extra creative  you may some feelings have to live the next day on an empty stomach.

Life has many options, we just don’t have to relax in our comfort zones, but we can do something. Recently I ran local a crowd fund, of UGX 500,000/= equivalent to US 150$. Of the crowd funding goal, 7 of us were able to contribute the little we had and raised UGX 249,000/= about US 74$ in total. What this fund will do is wonders. It will be handed to the youths of Soweto in Jinja, where life is not as expensive as Kampala.

The youths here will be able to start small but sustainable income generating activities.

This will reduce the number of youths and young kids who end up at the streets of town centers.

In this area school fees is as low as 30,000/= equivalent to US 8$ per term of 3 months, but 80% families cannot afford this. Now that we raised this money I believe if the youths use it to implement income generating activities and keep committed, it will take a few years and they will have a better life than now.

Hope is restored, when someone knows someone can be there for them. So we promised some parents some start up capital too and school fees. I will also be visiting them once in a month or 2 months, to train them, inspire them and check their progress.