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How can I help the human race progress? The 7 Tips — August 28, 2016

How can I help the human race progress? The 7 Tips

Have you ever looked for someone who can give you some tips to help you progress at anything in life? How about challenging yourself to share 7 tips to people. For me my people are my blog readers. Because you care, I also care and would like to share with you my tips. We humans survive if some humans cares and gives a hand otherwise we would lose hope. That’s why I have decided to write this series once a week. The posts in the series will be about anything in the categories but not limited to personal development, business, coding and writing etc.

1. Don’t launch unless you’ve done research.

Because we are desperate for recognition, we sometimes forget the basic principles to birthing ideas. Of course all ideas are mostly problem solving but you don’t want to approach your solutions the same way others do. Because that would feel like copy and paste. So to be on the safe side do some research and analyse whether your solution is not offered by others, and if is offered by others, how best and authentically can you beat competition. Research does not only help you to uniquely package your idea, it also helps you find and define your audience.

2. Define the client avatar.

If you want to be a top seller, you would never leave out this stage, else you would be doomed. Whether it’s a non-profit idea it’s needs a buyer, all ideas need buyers in form of consumers. As much as you some entrepreneurs start by targeting a mass market, not many start ups, can sustain this. Lack of client avatar usually misleads because without it you don’t know who to focus on and at the end of it, you listen to everyone. Everyone may not buy. Yet developing and producing for everyone takes a bigger budget than producing for a a targeted audience. So know who you want to sale to, how many are they, where are they located etc.

3. Build and keep a happy inspired team.

However much the idea is the best at the right time, without a team it will never make it to the second consumer, assuming you and your family are the first consumers.

To take it out there someone must be committed to put in time and develop, package, market, sale it, listen to customer feedback, correct errors and the cycle continues. Which means if you don’t keep a consistent,  happy and inspired team you will likely experience hardships if not fail completely.

How to keep the team happy and inspired, first hire character as much as skill. The rest about this story for another day.

4. Let your brand standout!

If your brand doesn’t standout it will eventually fade out completely and serve no one. Corporate branding is important, so do and keep it professionally smart, unique and consistent. In Uganda, I know and have worked with many branding agencies those who serve locally and internationally. I have found Gagawala Graphics to be the new kids on the Brock, but understand the game. Check them out! They take you through choosing the right colors, to logos, flyers, brochures, colors, invitation cards, business cards, and all the way to building and launching a website.

5. Learn marketing and embrace marketing 3.0

Today is not industrial days, today is digital and it will continue to be for some years until virtual reality will take over the world. Which is not going to happen soon since the technology is not as affordable as smartphones. Marketing 3.0 is about inventing solutions which solve real problems, and are spiritually connecting with the consumer. It’s also about complementary goods. You don’t want to miss out. It’s cheaper than traditional marketing, for example a $5 USD daily budget, would get you into eyes of many.

6. Be ready!

Are you ready, as in do you really know people? Like Simon Sinek, said if you don’t know people, you don’t know business. I totally agree with him. You must be ready to understand what people need and not only that, you also need to provide them what’s better than they want. Look at Apple products for example, at their prices, their consistence, durability and portability is taking allover the planet. Simply everyone needs a phone, but a phone which is secure and can take good photos, is just better than a usual phone. Are you ready? Define your craft, work it intensively, be ready to offer the best. And also be ready to be reject sometimes.

7. Get a mentor and a leadership coach.

I don’t agree with you, if you think you are the only genius on this planet. School grades tend to hype people and they forget that the solutions they must make large depends on the people’s lifestyle. This is why you need a mentor. You need someone who is knowledgeable, open-minded and willing to educate. You need that person has gone through it, seen it all, had a fair share of failures and enjoyed some success.

It will be helpful to spend less while learning quality and fast enough. As much as you need such people in physical life, sometimes it’s hard especially in the developing countries. Then social media should be your best market place to find an indirect mentor. Check out linkedIn profiles, facebook and instagram. Choose the best in your field, follow them, interact with them, read their biography, ask them questions, buy their books, DVDs and give time to listen. You won’t be disappointed.


If you read up this line, then you care, thanks for supporting me and feel free to send me questions. Add tips through comments and if you think the information may help someone, please share it.

How do you find courage to push on hard for success? — August 21, 2016

How do you find courage to push on hard for success?

Many of us have a vision and dreams which we really want to achieve in this life. In fact, we try to work hard, set goals and objectives but it just doesn’t happen or it is about to happen before we quit. Don’t give up, read this article of series in which am sharing 10+ important lessons which have discovered and embraced to keep me on track for success.

First of all, many people treat success like a destination though in actual civilization success is a journey we travel to create reality from our dreams and visions. Paint your vision.

  • Find your passion

I like to agree with one professor who said “Passion is the fire that lights your way“. Put yourself in a position of tasking in a dark cage without light, how far will you go?

  • Know WHY

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

If you don’t have a reason, then you purposeless/directionless take a journey. Such journeys end nowhere. The WHY is the reason you are here on this planet, breathing and perhaps do whatever you do.

Let me share something with you about me.

I’m passionate about developing solutions using computers, and various skillsas resources available to me. I’m also passionate about talking to people about the positive side of things.

I didn’t know how to do this effectively to benefit myself without wasting resources or being used to advantage. When I was introduced to David Reeve, Unleash Dreams and Unleash culture founder, I put in time to learn about the reason “WHY”. I’m happy that I can stand before you with my head high and say my purpose to you in a simple sentence. Everyday I live, everything I do, the question is am I fulfilling my purpose?

How to create Web Applications using WordPress! Part 1 — August 15, 2016

How to create Web Applications using WordPress! Part 1

WordPress powers over 24million websites online, and people are leveraging it’s simplistic to create amazingly life changing web applications, without spending much time on coding. In article I will teach you how to create Web Applications using WordPress, of course it will involve some coding but it will be easier than any code you have come across.

Assuming you know how to install WordPress, on your host or computer, install it and login afterwards.

Navigate to the plugins WordPress dashboard and install a plugin called Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Type UI

After installing them follow part 2 here.



3 Mistakes every youth should avoid to get to the top of entrepreneurship game. — August 6, 2016

3 Mistakes every youth should avoid to get to the top of entrepreneurship game.

1. Avoid getting loans in early stages of life and idea development.
Getting loans is one way of solving lifetime obstacles, in fact not money people have been able to succeed without getting a couple of them. Loans sometimes are a catalyst of self motivation to working harder. Because you know you got a debt you must pay, so you work hard to beat time limits and pay back. Pretty good, isn’t it?
Where is the mistake?
If a loan is to work for you, it should be at a time when you are able to service it. Those times when you have enough income flow, or properties which you are ready to sell off if things don’t go right.
By the way, it doesn’t matter from who you get the loan. Because eventually you will have to pay back. And if you delay then you are essentially harming your network/society indirectly. Do you want to be in such a situation where someone who would be able to help his/herself has to turn to others for help? And the only reason is because they gave out a loan to a friend who is unable to pay back?
2. Don’t give loans.
Whether giving loans is your business or not. Evaluation should be at the front otherwise it’s a huge mistake. Many people have the potential to become rich but mistakes like giving out loans to friends on that basis is not right. At least am saying this out of experience, because many times I’ve got/gave loans from/to friends but we ended up hurting ourselves in the process. Believe you me, unless it’s a life taking situation, always there is another way than a loan. In fact in life talking situations we usually come to the rescue by giving out to save a life.
3. Don’t order unless you have cash.
Every business on this planet grows by having a steady cash flow.
Try so much to avoid traps of ordering for services/products when you don’t have cash. This will help you develop and hook up strong networks. It won’t only show your authenticity, it will translate in care and fairness for everybody around you. The minimum you can order on expected income is when you are 150% specific on the dates it’s coming in. In addition to having self trust that when it comes all you will do is submit the payment. Actually the service provider should know and agree with you, with pure understanding of your the situation. If not that then it’s a mistake you are doing which will be felt like exploiting others. The harm this brings is not felt only by the people/businesses you exploited. It will actually be felt by you, your family and network.
In summary, say no to loans, order with cash. You won’t believe the speed of personal/business development you will have.
Using minimum resources available to empower communities in Uganda!!! — August 1, 2016

Using minimum resources available to empower communities in Uganda!!!

Uganda has more than 100 districts occupied by 35 million people, Kampala being the capital city hence the district of preference for everyone. The capital is a home for 1.5 million people. This district is attractive to many due to better education, health, transport, communication etc services than other districts. It also  has modern towns such as Kabalagala, Nsambya, Kansanga and Makindye in contrast to those of other districts.

The factors about Kampala, are the major migration attraction for young people from many under developed districts to this area.

Though it’s the best place for anyone in Uganda, it’s not the same for the opportunities it avails. For example, many young people from other districts end up sleeping on streets because Kampala doesn’t welcome none skilled individuals. Without skill, one has to have relatives in this area to accommodate, for sometime as he/she learns something to do.

As of today, over 1000 young men and women are living and sleeping at the streets, they become beggars, crooks or robbers. The only optional available if they are to stay alive living in Kampala. It’s easier to say, than to see or experience. Life at the streets has never been a preference, it never becomes good, it just deteriorates from being someone to becoming useless, hopeless, forgotten and all alone.

I believe something can be done.

Many people say we can’t change lives because of the government system, which accommodates corrupt, unaccountable, certified but not qualified and lack of passion officials. In addition everyone who takes care of his life and family, has nothing more to give; when you work and earn, all you get is what can keeps you living today. Without being extra creative  you may some feelings have to live the next day on an empty stomach.

Life has many options, we just don’t have to relax in our comfort zones, but we can do something. Recently I ran local a crowd fund, of UGX 500,000/= equivalent to US 150$. Of the crowd funding goal, 7 of us were able to contribute the little we had and raised UGX 249,000/= about US 74$ in total. What this fund will do is wonders. It will be handed to the youths of Soweto in Jinja, where life is not as expensive as Kampala.

The youths here will be able to start small but sustainable income generating activities.

This will reduce the number of youths and young kids who end up at the streets of town centers.

In this area school fees is as low as 30,000/= equivalent to US 8$ per term of 3 months, but 80% families cannot afford this. Now that we raised this money I believe if the youths use it to implement income generating activities and keep committed, it will take a few years and they will have a better life than now.

Hope is restored, when someone knows someone can be there for them. So we promised some parents some start up capital too and school fees. I will also be visiting them once in a month or 2 months, to train them, inspire them and check their progress.