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What vs Why in business. — July 20, 2016

What vs Why in business.

Many of us from East Africa start up businesses on the principle of results. I want to have some income, I want to be respected, I want to feed my family or I want to be called so and so. As if our sales will be automatic which in reality it can never be. What if we pulled plug on Why and What principles?

Embracing “Why” when involving in any business puts us in pole position to succeed since it  pushes one to look at the realistic bit of things.

Why is the attraction of How, What, Where and When.

Without why, one is set to running a business by default as opposed to design. The most successful business people in the world observe it. Take for example, facebook. Mark Zuckerberg had to ask  why start, How will it work and help in daily life, Where will facebook used (Who will use facebook) and When.

Whatever answers, he got must be the reason why we use this platform everyday, everywhere and everyone virtually uses it.

Additionally embracing “What” helps you define an idea (business) or be part of one. This definition is also the reason why others come on board.

Of course Why defines the purpose for what a solution is created but not everyone will comprehend the why, this is when the What will come to help the people you are talking to understand.

The easier it is for them to understand, the easier it is for them to work with you.

See you at the top! 🙂

How to build relevant networks and improve your business. — July 16, 2016

How to build relevant networks and improve your business.

Any idea whether charity or business needs at a collage of these 5 elements, to grow. In fact, so many of underrate one of the elements, but if once neglected, however much the idea will develop, it may completely fail when it finds a stumbling block. The Idea, The Labour, The Skill, The Market and The Capital are such elements which foster a developing cause/product/service. They are largely equivalent, and are none is bigger, none is smaller which means a good entrepreneur must balance them in his/her eco-system to experience success and sustainability.

How does network get’s it way in. A relevant network is the only way we have those elements in abundance. In this network some are buyers (market) also talk good of us and what we do, some are business partners or charity partners – they invest/fund, some are your employees providing skill and labour, while others could are innovators creating and building ideas. Your Network is your Net Worth so how can you build and sustain it?

Focus on your interests.

Because you need good people around you, it doesn’t mean any famous or popular individual is worth having in your circles. Some have achieved through by hurting others and you don’t want to involve that character in your own personal life or brand life. Because at anytime it can hurt. So know yourself first, know what you are interested in and build your brands are that too. As you do that the people you will attract will most likely have similar interests who posses the qualities of the interests you know you need.

Be responsive

I also suck at this but am doing my best to improve. When you get a new friend or have an old friend, he/she deserves to know you care. Press that phone call or send that text, email once  in a while you never know the nourishment it may bring. This is also necessary, when these people reach out for you. Be that someone that is not focusing to impress everyone but just being there when it’s necessary. And the emotional attachment will improve.

Be supportive

Some day, I was having a Facebook chat with my friend from France. We were discussing about the class I was going through and I hinted on the award winning. Then he hinted that I should be careful about awards. This meant a lot of me, it showed my friend from a far is supportive to me and wishes me the best. Many people who have money desires think such support like a word or two is not that important. For me it’s important.

Be honest

To me honesty is key and a person who is honest has a unique character. It means to be true to yourself as well as others everywhere. This eliminates unnecessary doubts, and it’s fuel to great networks. Just keep calm and always be who you are.

Go to events

If there is anything to be done, can only be done out there – Ortega Ian, a friend of mine said this to me. Choose the events about the causes you love, attend them because chances are; you will meet inspiration there and make new networks.

They are more things you can actually do to build networks and sustain them, feel free to share with the world. By sharing them through comments.

Wish you success! #OneLove



Take action and paint your vision. — July 4, 2016

Take action and paint your vision.

For so many months I have been pondering on whether I should learn git or not, I know I needed it than I wanted. Though I kept on procrastinating which made everything difficult. To the extend that even the little I knew evaded from my brain.
A few weeks ago, a friend(Bosco Anthony) shared his with me, his TedEx talk video and did more to me especially igniting my motivation.
In his video he shared about the game changing ingredients which are Purpose and Momentum. And he shared what he knows are the 5 real life applications for fueling one’s purpose. What interested me more was accountability and vision.
How would you achieve a vision if you are not accountable, how easy will it be if you practiced clarity?
Last night I wrote a tutorial which could help anyone learn how to create a WordPress plugin.
Yesterday (3rd/July/2016), besides being a Sunday, I utilized the day instead of relaxing to create templates for the products I’m about to bring to the market, in addition to creating a WordPress plugin, which will help WordPress website owners add 120px by 600px banners to their websites without writing a single piece of code or waiting for a web administrator to do it for you.This plugin is already uploaded to
A screenshot of the process as I pushed to github via Git CMD.
So that anyone can do whatever he wants do to it for free. Whether you install it on your blog or fork it and contribute to it, you’re welcome. Before the end of the day, I will try to upload it to, fingers crossed. It will be my first in the repository. You may find it here, if you want it.
Little of this would happen if I hadn’t watched this 18 minute video. In fact, sincerely, the words Bosco shared helped me find Rhythm and introspect.
You can access the video here on youtube.
Simplest WordPress plugins creation, Part 1. — July 2, 2016

Simplest WordPress plugins creation, Part 1.

There is no question WordPress is the most popular Content Management System, in the world of CMS possibly because of it’s simplistic and the free blog platform and support for several features; theming, plugins, widgets, media management and more being the most notable. I personally love SEO support that it comes with out of box.

Plugins-available-in-Wordpress-dot-org has over 45k plugins!

Actually has ove 40,000 plugins and more are coming in. So why do I teach someone who to make a plugin? Simply because you may have an idea that is not yet executed though it could be useful to you and other WordPress users. So if you read this short tutorial and other parts, you will be able to do that whenever you want.

Tip: WordPress plugins can be monetized hence make some income for you.

Prerequisite knowledge you should have/know.

It’s important to check yourself for the technologies below.

  • HTML, CSS & PHP knowledge (Must)
  • Javascript/Jquery/Angular knowledge is a plus
  • A text editor such as Notepad++, Brackets & Sublime, etc.
  • A fully working WordPress installation, running on a local/private server. Testing on local(development) set up, is recommended in order not harm the website the visitors are viewing.

Step 1. In a folder of your choice, create a main PHP file of your plugin and name it. e.g my_plugin.php

For preview purposes, I suggest to create a folder, residing in the WordPress plugin folder.

Which is located at /wordpress_install_folder/wp-content/plugins

If you have xampp installed on your development machine, you have this folder in the path; c:/xampp/htdocs/wordpress_install_folder/wp-content/plugins

Step 2: Add plugin code to the file

a.Tell WordPress about your Plugin

A WordPress plugin begins with code that describes the plugin, they code is so helpful for installation, uninstall and management of the plugin. It also makes extending the plugin or updating it’s code easier. Such details include:- Plugin Name, Description, Tags, Author, Version, Author URI and etc. As a general rule of thumb this code goes at the start of the file, enclosed in comments.



Plugin Name: My Plugin

Author: awebdesigner

Author URI:

Description: My Plugin is a cool plugin and it will print the date at the footer of website. For illustration purposes.

Version: 0.0.1


b. Add code to do the real thing


function print_date(){

echo date(‘Y’);


Step 3: Compress and upload to server.

Let see it in action. Compress the plugin and upload it to your site.

Notice: Since WordPress is coded using PHP, it’s plugins supports everything PHP supports, includes, services, MYSQL etc. Don’t limit yourself.

What’s next? Improving the functionality of our WordPress Plugin by adding to the Admin Menu, integrating a form which saves something and display to the users.