I personally have a weakness because I’m used to coding when developing a mobile app, website or web app. It’s because during those days, there never tools like they are today.
When I was learning web design, the most popular tool which made life easier was dreamweaver.
Fastword, about 8 years, such systems have been silenced by opensource content management systems. Which can help you develop and finish a website a couple of hours, Yes I mean it. Hours not weeks.
 It’s good to take a look at WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many CMSs. These are tools to make both my and you life as a web designer or manager easier. In my opinion Artisteer and Dreamweaver don’t come close.
Though they are content management systems they are also packed with variety of powerful functional features, and if I can mention some; they are themes, plugins, post types, menu systems, users, comments and search engine optimization. That means whether you want to make a magazine, entertainment, online shop, marketplace, business website etc, you can achieve it without touching any bit of code. 
Actually, they have broaden the field of web design, given the process of developing websites in addition to embracing numerous careers; one can develop/specialize in content management, setting up CMSs, coding/publishing of plugins and themes, CMS security optimization to mention but a few. You can be a round expert, it must take time.
Do you want to build a career in Web design, START NOW not tomorrow!