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Why get a credit card in Uganda? — June 23, 2016

Why get a credit card in Uganda?

Online(internet) wholesale and retail stores are increasing in the this third world country. With the launch of stores like,,, and etc… one would miss out on top quality affordable items if you didn’t have a credit card.

Take for example, on black Friday, Jumia featured a huge percentage discount on all their items bought via the online platform. Other days to watch out for are Christmas day, New years day and Easter season. In most cases wholesalers and retainers who sale traditionally have not adopted the discount culture, so many buyers would miss out. This is why I’m writing this article. I will give some reasons why everyone from Uganda needs a credit card and a guide of how to get one.

Access Money anywhere

The beauty about credit/debit cards is the convenience of access to your money anywhere in the world. Yes, everywhere where there is an Automated Teller Machine or Point of Sale. So if you want to withdrawal some cash go an ATM which has the labels of your card such labels can be American Express, Visa, Mastercard etc. If you want to purchase something in a store just swipe the card in the POS machine and you will be good to go. So whether it’s renewing insurance, paying for medicine, renewing utility back at home, you don’t need to travel back and forth. It’s just a card.

Setting up online presence.

Online presence is your address on the internet. Everyone in Uganda is steadily adapting to using a smart device, thanks to Facebook and WhatsApp. Many people being online everyday, means a big chance to put your business out there, it’s a sales opportunity. However to get a website, you must purchase a domain name and web hosting, the most convenient payment method for that is a credit card. Of course a friend who has maybe of help but that might add an extra cost, which you may want to avoid.

Purchase of goods and services

The generation we are now, you can buy a car, land, food and medicine; name it all just at a snap of a finger. Without moving out of your house or office and have your items delivered. Even if you can pay search services with Mobile Money solutions, for the costs of some products, the spending limit on Mobile Money services may hinder. But credit cards have a slightly higher spending limit.

Improve financial management

Most issuers of credit cards have an online portal where you go to check your transaction history which means you can access your banks statements at anytime of convenience. Actually this is very important for reviewing and evaluation of your spending habits. Traditional you would have to spare a couple of minutes, if not hours to line-up in a queue in the banking hall and still pay for the bank statement. The question is do you want to continue losing time or save time while increasing income?


A while ago, it costed much more than $200 to quality for a credit/debit card in Uganda, this made it hard for many to afford. Today it’s as low as UGX 15000/= in addition to no monthly bank charges.

So far I have personally used two banks so the choice between the two is yours because I may not give reasons today why you should choose this or that.

United Bank of Africa

First bank to introduce a fully functional internet enabled prepaid card was United Bank of Africa(UBA). They issue a visa card in Uganda shilling currency in just a couple of minutes. All you have to go with is a passport photo, a valid ID and UGX 20,000/= or UGX 30,000/=. Since the debit card is not attached to a saving/current account the introduction and recommendation letters may not be compulsory but to be on safe side, I encourage you to go with one written and endorsed by  your LC1 chairperson or teacher at school or employer or a person banking with UBA for at least 6 months. To know more click here

Equity bank Uganda

This bank has proven to have a slightly better online exchange rate compared to it’s competitors. Of late they also issue internet enabled visa cards, all you have to do is to apply for a savings account and apply for a visa card ATM. They will also issue it on the same day like UBA. They are need the same fees and documents as UBA to be in the position to give you this online prepaid card.

Other banks you can try.

Just in case you are not a fun of the above mentioned banks, try to Stanbic bank, Standard Chartered bank and Crane bank.

Good luck


1 way to get the best out of WordPress blogs! — June 17, 2016

1 way to get the best out of WordPress blogs!

If we are all familiar WordPress is one among themes which allows anyone anywhere, any age to register and get a free blog.

But how can you best benefit from the blogs in the database? I will share about this and conclude with a bonus so that you get two tips to benefit from WordPress blogs.

Often writing

I’m a trainer so what am about to write about I do it out of experience, so it helps! Even you attend 1000 classes, you may get out nothing if you didn’t do anything. In traditional classes, you would copy and write notes. In the advance but still traditional class, you would use a laptop to note what’s important or not. Also in the modern class you spend less time learning because you can now use smart phones to record whatever the trainer is saying while you spend the time to listen. You may still have to summarize important points using a pen and paper. But you would still do this using the Notes App on your smart device.

The similar adage goes for blogging. You must get off your ass and write. Write anything in your style and share it, you never know how many people it can help. They are many benefits when you write informatively and communicate effectively, but one cannot learn the tricks without writing quite often. Writing a blog maybe once in a day or a week or even a month will help you improve your WordPress experience and the results after that are rewarding, you can even apply to for a job and correct spelling errors in other people’s content or translate some plugins and themes which can be done for money. Write, Write, Write!

Discover and Follow

And now the bonus, though I have written enough from which you could pick one or a couple of ideas, I promised to conclude with a bonus.

One of the coolest things has got is that members can discover and follow other member’s blog posts. This means if what you write is interesting a lot of readers will follow you hence more traffic for you.

On the other hand it’s also important you discover and follow others to learn a lot and be inspired. Besides being updated all the time since 100s of bloggers are writing and publishing minute by minute. So you miss a thing from those you follow because they are somehow like browser bookmarks, you can always come back and catch up where you left.

How to Discover and Follow?


  1. Of course you must visit and login.
  2. Click the Reader link located at the top left of the screen just after the WordPress logo and My Site link.
  3. Click Manage besides the Follow site label. Doing this will help you see the blogs you had followed and at the top, there is box for entering the address of the blogs you wants to follow.
  4. Once you do that will search the blog in their database once found click the follow button or alternatively just press the return/enter key on the keyboard. Never miss out on anything from your connections.


Click the discover link and see everything posted on as well as follow it.

That’s what I have for you today.




A web designer without coding, how? — June 9, 2016

A web designer without coding, how?

I personally have a weakness because I’m used to coding when developing a mobile app, website or web app. It’s because during those days, there never tools like they are today.
When I was learning web design, the most popular tool which made life easier was dreamweaver.
Fastword, about 8 years, such systems have been silenced by opensource content management systems. Which can help you develop and finish a website a couple of hours, Yes I mean it. Hours not weeks.
 It’s good to take a look at WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many CMSs. These are tools to make both my and you life as a web designer or manager easier. In my opinion Artisteer and Dreamweaver don’t come close.
Though they are content management systems they are also packed with variety of powerful functional features, and if I can mention some; they are themes, plugins, post types, menu systems, users, comments and search engine optimization. That means whether you want to make a magazine, entertainment, online shop, marketplace, business website etc, you can achieve it without touching any bit of code. 
Actually, they have broaden the field of web design, given the process of developing websites in addition to embracing numerous careers; one can develop/specialize in content management, setting up CMSs, coding/publishing of plugins and themes, CMS security optimization to mention but a few. You can be a round expert, it must take time.
Do you want to build a career in Web design, START NOW not tomorrow!
The untold story, shortly fast backward! — June 6, 2016

The untold story, shortly fast backward!

If I remember very well, fast backward in 2008 – 2009, I started teaching myself HTML, JavaScript and PHP. But the inspiration was always developed from the PowerPoint slides I often designed, which sparked my interest in Photoshop.
Kaweesi Mark used to help jot everything to paper while copying from the webpage in the internet cafe. I was the research genius sitting right there before the computer screen. I couldn’t do it all by myself since we used to foot UGX.500/= for 20mins yet getting that 500/= was kissing the gates of hell. Maybe it’s not hell, but me stealing Aunt’s money was hell. It required courage. Anyway let me leave that story for another day. Do you remember those times bro?
Just a quick one, if we didn’t collect scrap, if we didn’t play soccer, if we didn’t sneak to watch soccer without paying, if we didn’t sneak in the cinema halls, what if we didn’t, would we be where we are?
I wish the people reading this are those who admire where I am/we are today, but didn’t actually see us during those days. Many wouldn’t want us closer. I take heart, and I encourage you to persevere. You will achieve everything because you can.
Cutting short a long story, amidst all the complications and confusion in different software, here and there; what always kept me amazed was clicking on something and it responded somehow. Why don’t I do this?
From PowerPoint slides (with clip Art) to HTML. Even now I can’t develop a website from scratch without having to sketch on paper, then get to Adobe illustrator/Photoshop mock up the visual representation and then break down into HTML code.
For whatever it is, one has to go through some sort of fine(creative) Art to lay a foundation for the science of web design.
You are lucky today, we have CMS so there is no need to grasp code unless you want to be a web developer, a UX specialist, a mobile app developer, a desktop app developer or a programmer scientist.
You can even become a superb CMS web designer by attending a 12 days practical class. It’s organised by myself and it will be at Aponye Mall, Block B. NBK-Cleaning Kings International‘s offices. My aim is to take you straight from where you are to a superb CMS specialist. The cost is UGX 300K call me on 0704255401.
Art of Resource Mobilization – Discussion — June 2, 2016

Art of Resource Mobilization – Discussion

On 1st June, 2016 some headed to Hotel Africana in Kampala for the much awaited monthly gathering – Author’s Forum.

Many who haven’t attended a single of this forum don’t do because they think it’s for book writers because of it’s name. However, the lead organizer/facilitator Bake Robert Tumuhaise made clear by reflecting to God, as the Author of life. Therefore the gathering is about everyone, every single individual who does something to make sure this world is a better place.

I’m a web designer, entrepreneur and trainer and I was there as well as many other people from different walks of life; some graphics designers, some media management brands like Akiira Digital, commercial cleaning brands like NBK Cleaning International and web design brands like Gagawala Graphics, financial brands like Jubilee Insurance and Mazima Retiremement Plan (Tukereke) and a many others.

The theme was Resource Mobilization. Because many people whether youth or adults in Uganda, find it difficult to raise funds (capital) to start on their goals.

In the beginning

In fact, we kicked off, by helping advise someone called Musa, who is 55 years old, has a family of a wife and kids, he rents a house to stay, has no savings and works for the government. Musa is only 5 years to retirement. Our task was to advise him so that by the time he retires he has something to live on and sustain his family, so we got into groups and did it.

Among the advise we came up with were, help him appreciate that he is aged and about to retire, for him to think of what to do and immediately cut current expenses to save, and finally attend social and entrepreneurship forums to be inspired on how to do what he has to do.

The discussion

Authors forum
From left Jude Kalema of Jubilee Insurance, Danstun Kisuule of Y-Save and Bake Robert of World of Inspiration.

Usually at the Author’s forum there is an hour or so for guest speakers, this time it was Danstun Kisuule and Jude Kalema. Both men have a successful background. Danstun being a former engineer of National Housing but now a CEO of over UGX 10billion, Multi-purpose Savings Cooperative called Y-Save. Y-save is an acronym for Young savers association for ventures and entrepreneurs, it was started in 2000, Kampala Pentecostal Church by then, now Watoto church. And the cooperative membership is exclusive to members of Watoto church only.

Jude is the retail manager for Jubilee insurance company, which he has helped redefine insurance service in Uganda.

Lessons to go with

Danstun Kisuule shared a list of things to consider before joining a savings cooperative or group, which are Trust, Vision, Good leadership, Commitment, Governing structure, Group think and Respect distinction.

Jude Kalema, in his answer to the question, what are the top 3 mistakes done by insurance customers? he said.

  1. They don’t read policies so they end up not understanding what they sign up to.
  2. They don’t report in time; sighting a car accident as an example, many people when they knock or are knocked by someone they rash to discuss or negotiate. Instead of calling the insurer, immediately.
  3. They don’t follow up cases.

Shout out!

I’m conducting a comprehensive practical Web design training class this June, starting on 9th June up to 2nd July. The beauty about it, is that anyone who can spare time at 5pm to 7pm, only 3 times in a week, for 4 weeks you will be and can attend. David Wampamba 0704255401 WhatsApp and call.

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