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2 top secrets to help you achieve anything you want. — April 24, 2016

2 top secrets to help you achieve anything you want.

If you don’t know why whatever is happening, happens like it is today, here I share the 2 top secrets to help you achieve anything you want.

People will look down to themselves and wonder why they are where they are, right now. Some will be grateful of what they have achieved whereas the others – biggest in numbers will be regretting and discouraged to continue.

In most cases the regrets are results of unaccomplished goals and missions. To make matters worse, the regrets are worse than worries shown on face, they’re cancers which feeds not only on body, the minds and soul too.

If learn the two secrets I’m about to share and apply their principles; you’re most likely to live a true life, achieve more without regretting.

1. The reason why

The secret is the reason why, the reason why you exist. It is the foundation of your culture and all your history. This will be the basis of what you’re about to do everyday. So you introspect around it and you can’t exchange it for anything. Simply because it’s priceless and not business but a progression tool.

Do you know why you live and what purpose you must serve in this life? For anything you want to achieve, whether it’s a career, a relationship, a business etc, you will achieve, if they align with your purpose.

Dalai Lama said, our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.

2.The courage

We people who different fears, which stop us from going after what we want. We feel like it’s the right thing to do but at the same time, something pulls us back and we can’t do anything more.

Courage is the secret to determination, focus and perseverance.

More good news about the web design class. — April 20, 2016

More good news about the web design class.

Some of you have heard that starting this June 6th, 2016 I will commence a personal web design training class. If you don’t know yet, you can go here and here to learn more.

Today I have come to share more good news about the same. Many of you have been asking  me where will it take place and how much will it cost.

Basically my plan is to offer 3 web design training packages targeting individuals at different levels that is to say; Starter, Intermediate and Advanced. Where` each Package will take 12- 18 days, 2 hours each day.

The starter will be a cocktail of everything, you need to know about ; Intermediate and Advanced will be focused and so specialised, to help you develop from one level to another e.g. from starter to intermediate to advanced respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Which class is this June?

The Starter class.

Where will it take place?

We were able to come into partnership with KWS Oriental Technologies to allow us have these classes in their office.

They are located at ROZA Market/plaza. Room C-59

To get there move along Kafumbe Mukasa Road, towards Salabed logistics and cargo. At the opposite you will see the building. You may also trace directions by looking for Ovino mall since Roza market is slightly newer than it’s neighbour.

How much does it cost?

UGX 300,000/= (Three hundred thousand Uganda shillings)

Why that cost, if I may ask?

  1. My course is hands on,  but to meet the expectations we should have some tools.
  2. But it sounds good to be true. Well am not an institute so am not offering a certificate. Though am trusting that with the training materials, you will gain versatile practical web design skills to help you execute tremendously in your future projects.
  3. In the future fees may be adjusted but at least not possible now.

Any discounts?

Yes, if you bring your friend both of you get a 10% discount. That is UGX 30,000/= off.

What’s the payment deadline?

20th-May-2016, because we need to meet some prior costs, we have set up a deadline for submission of fees before commencement for proper preparation.

How do I pay?

You may send Mobile money or meet me in person and I pick it in Cash. To get my numbers find on facebook and twitter at @dwampamba.

Uganda needs informed, creative and self sustaining people, become one of those. Hope to meet you in class.


The Web Design course requirements and outline — April 18, 2016

The Web Design course requirements and outline

Recently I made up my mind and announced that I will taking you through each fundamental step of web design. So that you can become a person known for web design by creating tools which will help improve life in the world. Missed the news go here.

Let me highlight the requirements you need, the outline and finalize by helping you find out if this course is for you.

What are the requirements?

1.Wireless enabled laptop.

We will do a lot of practice everyday we meet and sometimes we will need to be connected to the internet, to be able to achieve accomplish tasks. The internet will use, will be wi-fi. Recommended but not a must, to have a laptop which has a functional battery for a minimum of 30 mins. And your laptop should be installed with Windows Operating System.

2. Attendance.

You should be able to attend on Thursday, Friday & Saturday for 4 weeks at 5:00pm to 7:00pm each attendance. Failure to attend will be depriving yourself of the value you would get by attending everyday.

3. Language.

The classes will be strictly conducted in English language, the learner is expected to be able to speak and write English.

4. Note book and pen (writing material)

It’s important to write, though it’s not mandatory, I would advise you carry with yourself a notebook and pen.

The course outline

  1. Introductions
  2. Study plan and time table
  3. Web design process
  4. Web design with WordPress
  5. Web design with HTML5
  6. Adding beauty with CSS3
  7. Adding interactivity with Javascript
  8. Introduction to Web servers with Xamp and Wamp
  9. Web design with Joomla
  10. Conclusion.

Who is this course for?

For anyone whether have prior web design knowledge or not.

If you are able to speak and write, English this course is for you.

Can you use a computer and have passion to develop solutions to life challenging obstacles?

It’s for those who are in Uganda, and will be in Kampala for the period of beginning June to July.

Want to find out more please go here.



A Web design crash course you must attend this summer. —

A Web design crash course you must attend this summer.

I have made up my mind, I won’t be teaching web design to anyone! I will practically take you through step by step.

I would like to invite everyone who would like to attend. You’re warmly  welcome to learn and practice HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, WordPress and Joomla on Xampp server in just 12 days!


Personally I have been learning web-design for a couple of years, since 2005. Learning everyday has empowered me with the skill which I will base on to teach you the anatomy of web design. You can see the outline of this course here.

The experience I have acquired in the web design industry  over the years, is partly why am a co-founder and lead web designer at Gagawala Graphics Uganda Limited. Thus I earn my income doing web design, as well as work with non-profit communities/organisations doing web design which is helping  me build effective networks, travel places, improve my entrepreneur knowledge and develop a lot skills like blogging, consultation, communication and training.

On the right with Nicholas Katushabe, a partner in business and new real life friend at the CMS SUMMIT 16, in Kampala at Gems Cambridge International School.

Over the years have built standout sales leading; tourism websites, entertainment websites, accommodation & meals websites, sports news websites, business websites, church websites and personal brand websites from scratch using HTML to CMS using either Joomla or WordPress.

Take a look at some of those websites below.

  1. Break Fast Jam event
  2. Africa Wild Explorations
  3. East Africa Tourism Guide
  4. My Clean Kings (NBK Clean Kings International)
  5. Kaweesi Mark
  6. Righteouness Palace Ministries
  7. United Women Platform for Empowerment and Development

At the extreme bottom (footer) of each website is a designed by or powered by or developed by tag credit. Which is either attributed to my brands i.e Gagawala Graphics and You Inspire You.

Gagawala team

Highlighted with the yellow ribbon on the Meet our team section, screen shot taken from Gagawala Graphics official website.

4 Reasons why you should attend this course.

  1. Develop a highly rewarding, paying and creative skill that changes the way we connect, collaborate and sale allover the world!
  2. Become an solutions provider.
  3. It’s affordable, short and comprehensive.
  4. Get inspired by someone who learns, develops and sales.

Is this course for you? Please see requirements and outline here.


Are you a web developer, software developer or mobile app developer in Africa, lend me your ears. — April 16, 2016

Are you a web developer, software developer or mobile app developer in Africa, lend me your ears.

Like they say practice makes perfect but when it’s done right.

That said I encourage you to involve in team work effort products. By that I mean don’t do things alone.

Hook up someone who can help in writing the idea, someone else who can plan the User Interface, also let someone help on the database bit then you can code.

When it’s done, it’s good to hook up a friend, who can record a pitch video about the product and share it. Because who knows, this could be the opening door to the world of opportunities.

Why do I recommend assigning different tasks to different individuals?

Because it will most likely bring the best out of each individual involved. It may also inspire you to learn and develop other skills from the same individuals. Without spending much time looking for where and who to learn from.

Furthermore, it will help you a lot in personal development since here you can easily comprehend your abilities on how you work with others. Which is important because everywhere in the world you cannot work alone. Not even in your own business.

Tip: Don’t give up on developing because not everything you develop must be welcomed by the world. Just keep on learning, developing and sharing soon sales will be closed.

Happy coding!

Top 4 Ugandan tech blogs — April 6, 2016

Top 4 Ugandan tech blogs

Information creation and distribution is key in this era. As much as there is information scarcity, in Africa, some people decided to pioneer to create it and distribute it online.

In my country Uganda, there over 500 blogs according to Key note speaker at the CMS SUMMIT 16, Onyait Odeke. These blogs share content from different sectors such as  entertainment, sports & recreation, health, fashion, personal development, finance and many other niches.

For today, I would like to share with you some a list of those but targeted the Tech niche. So that next time you want to know about Tech news in Uganda, you have where to start or know where to find them.

Here you go, the list in order of popularity.

  1. PCTechMag
  2. Dignited
  3. Techjaja
  4. Guru8

Do you know of any other Tech blogs in Uganda? Feel free to share them through the comment form below, I will be glad to them on the list.



How did I make it to the CMS SUMMIT 16 in Kampala. — April 3, 2016

How did I make it to the CMS SUMMIT 16 in Kampala.

First things first, so let’s get somethings out of the way, CMS is an acronym to mean Content Management System. Examples of CMSes are WordPress(most pupolar), Joomla (Youngest of the giants released in 2005) and Drupal(Oldest not only CMS but a great CMF too).

How it started in brief.

In 2006, I started playing around with HTML and Javascript drawing inspiration from movies and video games. Times were tough and I didn’t get to do anything useful for over a year before I was attracted by PHP and started developing simple web based applications.

Sooner than later, I met someone who wanted a website designed for his start up tourism business.  On landing this job, I was so excited. But it was such a challenge after-wards, a challenge worth taking though. In fact through determination but not prowess, I was able to deliver the project in a few months.

Developed a couple more web apps in plain HTML, CSS and PHP before I was introduced to Joomla 1.5. I admit, it was a life saver by then, because everything came already engineered. No need to write any piece of code but you could have a website up in a day.

In 2014, someone else recommended I try out WordPress too. But I was like why? The answer simple, it eases life. From then on, I have never looked anywhere else.

The first word about CMS Africa summit.

In most cases, we first hear about things from friends, the people who care. And for me it was none other than Job Thomas from South Africa. A friend I met on twitter after searching for WordPress enthusiasts.

Even without knowing me in real life, he was welcoming, free and open-minded, ready to contribute knowledge in anyway, he can. I remember disturbing him with a couple of coding related questions, but he pointed me to WordPress forums since he wasn’t a coder, he thought things would be easily solved, if I submitted to forums.

We conversed for several days then weeks before he introduced me to CMS Africa Summit. CMS Africa summit 16, is a gathering of coders, web enthusiasts, mobile app developers, students of all professions, educators, bloggers, & entrepreneurs etc. Interestingly, it’s coming to my city – Kampala. That means no need to pay air ticket bills. It will bring together 30 keynote speakers and several sponsors. Additionally there would be a 48 hours hackthon.

Sounds interesting so I registered on the website for a 2 day ticket.

Day 1. Highly motivated.

It’s in the wee hours of the morning of 1st-April, 2016, I have my back pack ready excited to attend a web summit for the first time in my life.

Together with my friend @MutebiIvanJunior – a social media student and successful practitioner, we get on the road, grab a public 14 passenger van on the way to the heart of Kampala; commonly known as Town. All is good, though we are nervous whether we get there in time. You know the tickets have the dates but not the time.

As we get to town, the clouds are changing from sky blue to smoke gray, things look okay as we are optimistic nothing will stumble. After all, it’s been months of total hotness without any single drop of it.

It’s now about 7:30am, and we are already in Town for the second taxi to Luzira, we even have to be faster because we don’t know the kickoff hour.  Thus the aim is to get there as early as possible, unless we could miss out something.

Soon after 25 minutes, we are in Gems Cambridge International school jurisdiction – Luzira town. Before we go head to head with the gifts of mother nature to the farmers.

Before 9:00am, we are at check point, security confirming we are not carrying anything dangerous. And we are ready to join the audience!